iPhone 8 don’t have home button

Oh ! No iPhone 8 lose another standard feature. Already apple kill the headphone jack in iPhone 7. Now the company plans to eliminating the home button in iphone 8. Apple gives surprises to fans by introducing the iphone 7 with out headphone jack in September last year. Consumers took the news with mixed feelings. Some trolling the upgrade while others claps to the company for delivering something different. Just you think about that Apple was done bring about any  major  changes to its device’s. A new rumors suggest that the Apple company planned to eliminating the home button in iphone 8.

In a report hints that Apple planns to remove device physical home button in favour of thumbprint sensor embedded in  the screen. And also iphone 8 adopt a bezel-free , edge – edge screen design with its upcoming flagship smartphones. And also expects facial tracking sensor with the upcoming flagship phones. These sensor are used to recognize the user’s face means verify user  identification. I feels finger print sensor is replaced by face tracking sensor , which efforts the iphone security stable.

However , if the technical challanges can’t overcome. We believe the combination of finger print and face recognize sensors are another possible solution. Once the tech is developed to future models , I predict that upcoming iphones will be verified both finger print sensor and face recognition .